Ceramic Cave Catalog 2007

New Woodfired Caves!

Over 20 Styles to choose from - and more to come !


All of the caves below can be custom ordered. Some styles are in stock and can be shipped right away. Changes in size specifications will alter the price of the work. Shipping/handling will be determined by the complete order. Paypal, Credit Card and Money orders are welcome. E-Mail Evan Rosenthal to order or ask any questions. Thanks for looking.


Textured breeding cave 3 inches and up. Prices start at $5 each



Two Piece Calvus Cave $15 each



Two Piece Cichlid Cave $12 each



Ancistrus Cave $7 each



Calvus Cave $8



Flat top caves made to your specifications - email for prices



Textured Corner Caves $6 each



Synodontis Spawning Cave $12 each



Multitubes with Ancistrus $4 each ( fish not included )



Multitubes $4 each




Textured Ancistrus Breeding Cave $6 each


Breeding Bagels $10 each


Breeding Pods $5 each




Ancistrus Breeding Cave $7 each




Killie Breeding Pot $12 each




Textured Calvus Cave $10 each


Breeding Pots $7 each


Breeding Rings $10


Long Cone Caves $7 each


Textured slab cave $7 each


7 Hole Reef $20 each


Bottomless Caves $5 each


Duplex Caves $15 each set



Smooth Caves

Starting at $5 each

specify your size


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